Offline Sync for Mobile Services – Part 1: Resources

The Azure Mobile Services SDK offer a very useful preview feature for syncing a mobile apps backend data with a local database on the device.

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It’s Poster Time!

Time to redecorate your dev corner:

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Kickstart your Xamarin adventure with these links

Xamarin has grown to become the most powerful tool for building native apps in C# using shared code with a customized UI for each platform; iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows. I have only tried it out during a competence day at work, but spent my lunch break today collecting links for future research.
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I just released a Windows Phone app called “Debaser”

Me and a designer joined the origin creator of the Swedish app “Debaser” and revamped the app with new features and a nice UI.
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Using the Credential Locker

With the release of Windows Phone 8.1, the Credential Locker service is now available for Windows Phone app developers. This is great news for both first time users and those of us already using the service in our Windows 8.1 Store apps.
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Choose your Windows Phone XAML app model

The release of Windows Phone 8.1 SDK gives us, as developers, three different XAML app models to choose from for our future app development. This post will describe the difference between them and how to choose the right app model.
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Your app featured in the Windows Phone Store

This post will show how a mail notice about a scheduled promotion from the Windows Phone Store Apps Team looks like. It will also present some related app and web resources. Read more →

A MVVM Visual State solution for your Windows Phone app

Do you need to control the visual state of your view from its view model? This blog post will present a simple but useful solution.
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I just released a Windows Phone app called “T3XT K1NG”

I have with the help of two friends released a new WP app in Windows Phone Store. It is a smooth little tool for translating your texts into funny languages and ludlings you can share. Read more →

Visual Studio 2013 and Blend design-time exception debugging

This blog post describes how to debug a design-time exception by attaching a second Visual Studio instance to the XAML designer worker process. A demo solution is included to let you practice the debugging scenario. I will also point out a problem with using ‘Application.Current’ in design-time.
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Fix for the rating component used in one of DVLUPs update challenges

I found a minor bug in the DVLUPS RateMyApp component. This is a fix to not upset the user by repeatedly showing the second feedback overlay when Back-button is used to return to the start page.
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Learn the basics of Git in 60 free succinct pages

I have read the free e-Book ”Git Succinctly” by Ryan Hodson and would like to share my thoughts about it. I will also mention a few follow up resources for the next steps when you learned the basics of Git.
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How to build a simple Win 8 Store App and also implement the Search Contract without using VS built-in Search Contract Template

I have looked into some videos and MSDN articles about the Search Contract and created a cleaner MVVM example without using the Visual Studio template for Search Contracts. The result is a fully working app also showing concepts like Search suggestions, Converters, Horizontal Listbox, XAML Resources, Blendability and INotifyPropertyChanged injection without becoming complex. Source code is included.

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How to shorten a link with Bitly and share it in a Windows Store app

I am working on a Windows Store app where one of the features is to share shortened links. This is a brief description on how I solved it.

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Label printing in your .NET application with a DYMO LabelWriter 450

I am involved in a side project to create a minor visitor management application. One feature is to print name badges. This post is about my first experience to use DYMO:s LabelWriter 450 and their .NET SDK to communicate with it.

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Hey! Why do your Windows Phone app need all that access!?

I recently received a comment from a Windows Phone owner questioning if one of my apps were spyware because of all the capabilities it required. The reason might be obvious for us developers but we can lose users if we don’t explain it better for them. Read more →

Two Windows Phone vocabulary quiz games released: “Word King” and “Ordkungen”

I have created and released two more WP quiz games in Windows Store by reusing most of the code base from my game Quiz King. Read more →

I just released a Windows Phone game called “Quiz King”

I have released a WP game in Windows Phone Store. It is a quiz game with some extra goodies as achievements and levels to unlock. Do not expect any XNA brilliance, but it is way better than my last game, a snake game for Commodore 64… Read more →

Google Analytics for your WinRT app

I have looked into how to use Google Analytics in a WinRT app and would like to share my findings.

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Design resources for Windows Phone and Windows 8 programmers

I enjoy working with WP- and Win8 projects. New cool hardware, new application architectures, new tools and no more battleship-grey experiences! The developer scene has changed, especially at the frontend. I have collected some useful design resources for developers in this post.

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Øredev 2012 – 7 Nov

I am attending the Øredev Dev Conference this week. It is held in Malmö at Slagthuset, a former butcher factory. All sessions are recorded and will later be available at the website.  Here are some of my brief notes and photos from the sessions I enjoyed today;

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Visual Studio designer not working (NullReferenceException) in Windows Phone solution after WP8 SDK installation.

I watched the Build keynote last week on a big screen together with colleagues at Jayways Copenhagen office. One of the highlights was the WP8 SDK release. You can read a great introduction to the most significant API additions and changes at the Nokia Dev Wiki. I installed the SDK this weekend but ran into a frustrating problem when opening one of my WP7 solutions in Visual Studio 2012.

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Can you trust the Windows App Certification Kit (WACK)?

Yesterday I finished a Windows 8 store app after a couple of weeks work. Everything looked good on a test slate, my dev machine and my colleague’s machine. The app had also passed the WACK tests less than a week ago.

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My app “Filmkungen” published to the Windows Phone marketplace

I have just released a new free Windows Phone app named “Filmkungen” to the marketplace.

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Unboxing Dropbox and SharpBox

On a train trip during the New Year’s weekend, I spent time testing and collecting notes about how to interact with Dropbox. I will share my findings with you in this blog post.

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