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Xamarin has grown to become the most powerful tool for building native apps in C# using shared code with a customized UI for each platform; iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows. I have only tried it out during a competence day at work, but spent my lunch break today collecting links for future research.

The actual deal-breaker for me was when I stumbled over a blog post today about using visual state in Xamarin; “Taking Visual States Cross Platform to iOS and Android with Xamarin”. I have written a blog post about using visual state together with MVVM and it would be interesting to test how to implement it in a Xamarin solution for Android and iOS apps.

The Goods

Xamarins main site


Xamarin Evolve 2014 Conference in Atlanta GA October 6-10th

Pluralsights all Xamarin courses

Channel9s all Xamarin content from 2014

YouTubes all Xamarin content from 2014 > 20 min

Stack Overflows threads

Jesse Libertys blog posts and podcasts about Xamarin latest tips, tutorials, news, and resources for Xamarin app developers

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