I just released a Windows Phone app called “Debaser”

Me and a designer joined the origin creator of the Swedish app “Debaser” and revamped the app with new features and a nice UI.
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Choose your Windows Phone XAML app model

The release of Windows Phone 8.1 SDK gives us, as developers, three different XAML app models to choose from for our future app development. This post will describe the difference between them and how to choose the right app model.
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Your app featured in the Windows Phone Store

This post will show how a mail notice about a scheduled promotion from the Windows Phone Store Apps Team looks like. It will also present some related app and web resources. Read more →

I just released a Windows Phone app called “T3XT K1NG”

I have with the help of two friends released a new WP app in Windows Phone Store. It is a smooth little tool for translating your texts into funny languages and ludlings you can share. Read more →

Hey! Why do your Windows Phone app need all that access!?

I recently received a comment from a Windows Phone owner questioning if one of my apps were spyware because of all the capabilities it required. The reason might be obvious for us developers but we can lose users if we don’t explain it better for them. Read more →

Two Windows Phone vocabulary quiz games released: “Word King” and “Ordkungen”

I have created and released two more WP quiz games in Windows Store by reusing most of the code base from my game Quiz King. Read more →

I just released a Windows Phone game called “Quiz King”

I have released a WP game in Windows Phone Store. It is a quiz game with some extra goodies as achievements and levels to unlock. Do not expect any XNA brilliance, but it is way better than my last game, a snake game for Commodore 64… Read more →