Fix for the rating component used in one of DVLUPs update challenges

I found a minor bug in the DVLUPS RateMyApp component. This is a fix to not upset the user by repeatedly showing the second feedback overlay when Back-button is used to return to the start page.

Reproduce the issue

Check if your version of the component contains the issue by

1: restarting your app until the SECOND rating request overlay is showed. This is by default the tenth time the app is started.
2: answer “no” to close the overlay.
3: navigate to an other page in your app.
4: press the back-button.

This will show the overlay again and the issue will continue this way until the app is restarted and the user might become a bit grumpy.


Open the FeedbackOverlay.xaml.cs file and use a _secondReviewIsHandled flag to make the second overlay just show once:

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