I just released a Windows Phone app called “T3XT K1NG”

I have with the help of two friends released a new WP app in Windows Phone Store. It is a smooth little tool for translating your texts into funny languages and ludlings you can share. Read more →

Visual Studio 2013 and Blend design-time exception debugging

This blog post describes how to debug a design-time exception by attaching a second Visual Studio instance to the XAML designer worker process. A demo solution is included to let you practice the debugging scenario. I will also point out a problem with using ‘Application.Current’ in design-time.
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Fix for the rating component used in one of DVLUPs update challenges

I found a minor bug in the DVLUPS RateMyApp component. This is a fix to not upset the user by repeatedly showing the second feedback overlay when Back-button is used to return to the start page.
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